Start and End


Printed print produced and printed by hand.

- Paper: Natural Evolution White 320g
- Size: 50 x 70 cm
- Quantity: 44 in Limited Edition

The executive process for this press started with the idea of creating something with a precise and recognizable shape, in this case I was inspired by eye tests trying to play with the transparencies and the dark light given by the different sizes and thicknesses of the lowercase letters that make up the fixed amplitude letters ABYZ. So we can say that this work is functional whether you see it from afar or up close, it depends on what you want to see.
The executive process of the original was divided between the hand design of the large letters and the division of the areas to be filled according to the thickness and size of the area filled with the gestural letters and then in all it was performed with a nib Calligraphic Speedball C Series and ink Yours in stick.
For the realization of the prints I relied on the professionalism of the Florida Space in Milan.

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